Best Paris Stories

The Memory of Scent

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BEST PARIS STORIES brings together the winning short stories of the 2011 Paris Short Story Contest with works by Jeannine Alter, Bob Levy, Lisa Burkitt, Nafkote Tamirat, Marie Houzelle, Jo Nguyen, Julia Mary Lichtblau, Mary Byrne, Marie Houzelle, Jane M. Handel, and Jim Archibald.

"Exciting new voices from the winners of the 2011 Paris Short Story Contest" - Paris Writers News

"This is a story whose characters emotionally hooked us and we wanted to keep reading. Set in an earlier era added intrigue and grounding while capturing the French primal relationship with food" - Judges Charles and Clydette Degroot, on “A Pinch of Tarragon” by Lisa Burkitt